The Artists

Alexander & Heather Cormier
The Dream Team

The Local Print Shoppe Founders:

Alex is an award-winning high school robotics mentor, horseshoe champion, and craft beer enthusiast.

Heather is an architectural photographer, champion swimmer, and hard cider enthusiast.

Together, the team at The Local Print Shoppe is passionate about creating unique designs and incorporating them into everyday products, adding a special touch to everyone's life.

Our most popular products include Coasters, Stickers, and Ornaments!

We have been designing and crafting custom products for many years, having started and sold previous businesses. The Local Print Shoppe was established as we embarked on a new chapter in our lives in Virginia Beach.


Meet the Web Guru:

Drew's profile

Drew is our web design wizard, a passionate digital artist, coding enthusiast, and Dr. Pepper addict. 

His vision and skills have been instrumental in creating the online face of The Local Print Shoppe. When he's not coding, Drew enjoys digital cinema, disc golf, and technology.